We had the privilege of being the directional boring subcontractor to Hometown Mechanical for the Utica Ridge Booster Station project. Due to the large scope and complexity of this particular project, coordination and planning was key to its success. Hometown exemplified professionalism throughout the entire project.

We encountered many challenges on this project including crossing several fiber optic, electric, telephone, and gas service lines. Hometown located the utilities and gave us a clear path to complete successful bores without interruption. Hometown also provided vacuum trucks to clean up bore spoils we created along the way.

The success of any project depends on the team that is assembled and the capability to communicate and work collaboratively towards the end goal. Hometown assembled a team of professionals and their contribution to our team made this project commendable. Their dedication to safety, quality, and excellence is quite impressive. I would highly recommend Hometown Mechanical and welcome their contribution towards future projects.