Ferguson has recently partnered with Hometown Mechanical on the Liberty High School project, a new high school that took two years to construct. Ferguson found Hometown Plumbing and Heating to be organized and professional from start to finish on all aspects of the project.

Due to the complexity and length of the project, purchasing and shipping was a challenge. However, Hometown and Ferguson decided to set up individual orders based on the time frame and area scheduled to be worked on. Essentially, Hometown broke down the large Liberty High School project into small, individual projects. By doing this, it enabled Ferguson to have the orders purchased, tagged, and shipped on time to the correct part of the building. Backorders were all but eliminated, allowing the project to stay on schedule.

As with every project, we had unexpected changes, but Hometown communicated these changes to Ferguson as they became aware, ensuring everything ran smoothly without delays. Ferguson values Hometown Plumbing and Heating as one of our top contractors and looks forward to partnering with them on future projects.